Awareness of mental health issues has increased over the past few years, as has the importance and benefits of openness and discussion about these issues. Sports clubs are well placed to facilitate this process of changing attitude towards mental health. They also have a responsibility to support and protect the mental well-being of their staff and members.

We only work with sports organisations and our mental health education is therefore tailored to that environment.  We use sporting scenarios and analogies to help clarify information and make the training engaging.

What we do

We provide training and education for coaches and other staff in relation to mental health and mental illness, creating an open and supportive environment, identifying signs of possible difficulties in others, active listening, safeguarding, and signposting.

We provide training and education for coaches, staff, players/participants in relation to mental health and mental illness, resilience, and basic coping strategies.

If mental health difficulties are identified we can signpost or offer psychological intervention. Find out more »

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