Evidence based management of concussive injuries is crucial in reducing the risk to brain health.  Every injury is unique and should be managed on an individual basis. Decisions should not be made purely on the basis of symptom report by the player but require multi factorial assessment and monitoring using appropriate tools.

It’s a brain injury, treat it seriously

What we do

We offer specialist clinical input to support and enhance a clubs existing healthcare professionals and help them implement the tools they need to feel confident that they are protecting the health of their players.

Baseline and post-concussion neurocognitive testing is commonplace throughout professional contact support and we believe it can be integrated into return to play protocols (RTP) at all levels of sport.

With trained professionals and robust implementation of RTPs the majority of injuries can be managed without specialist input. Integration of quantitative baseline assessment enhances this process and provides more confidence to healthcare professionals, coaches, players and families that decisions are evidence based.

Concussion can, however, also be a ‘complex’ injury and when this is the case Cognisant’s healthcare professionals are available to provide assessment, advice, treatment and rehabilitation as necessary. Our multidisciplinary team has many years of experience and include a range disciplines from clinical neuropsychology (brain health), sports medicine, clinical psychology (mental health), physiotherapy (specialising in oculo vestibular dysfunction), neurology to teaching and training.

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